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HashtagSet allows you to get insight into the hashtag strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.


A powerful hashtag strategy requires organization. Imagine being able to save selected hashtags into neat and tidy groups called "Sets" that you can easily update and use.

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With HashtagSet, you can create custom, scenario-specific or themed Sets that correspond to your Instagram strategy.

Simply open up the app and copy & paste the Set that you want for your latest post. Boom!! Quick and simple. If you have a team member or virtual assistant (VA), give them access so that you never have to worry about proper hashtag use on your posts.


The better your #hashtag game, the better your chances of being seen on the Gram. Since you can't track what you don't measure, we'll keep track of your latest posts their performance. [coming soon]


Know someone who is really kicking butt on Instagram? Or have an account you'd like to emulate? We'll track down which hashtags they're using so you can harness the same #hashtagPowers [coming soon]


Do you want to find out the posts that are getting the most engagement for your competitors or similar accounts?

Knowing what to post matters as much as the #hashtags being used. Go deep into the top-performing posts for any given keyword so you can publish what people are actually interested in.